MID-WEEK MEANDERING – Finding Purpose When Classified Non-Essential

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had major mixed emotions about falling into the category of “non-essential.”

On one hand I’m grateful I can stay at home, and limit my time out of the house to trips for essentials.

BUT, on the other hand I feel guilty and wish I had more of a purpose other than to be at home.

I do realize that staying at home is huge in itself, but when I see the toll this pandemic is taking on healthcare workers fighting on the front line, and the fear in the faces of “essential” workers, it’s hard to not wish I could do more.

For weeks my thoughts have bounced back and forth between grateful and guilty. I see how others are helping by making masks, either sewing or with 3D printers, but although I may be a creative person, my skill set doesn’t include things like sewing, nor do I own a 3D printer.

SO, that left me in a quandary until my Sister told me one of the local hospitals was looking for artists, young and old, to create cards or write letters to healthcare workers as encouragement.

This got me excited. That I can do. I can write. With that my fingers started typing and words of gratitude were flowing.

As noted in the request, I mailed the letter to the address noted, but on World Health Day I also shared the letter on Facebook and Tweeted it to the local hospitals.

Much to my surprise, one of the hospitals tweeted back, saying thanks.

I know this wasn’t much, but it did make me feel good, and meant I had some purpose. My words could be a source of encouragement to those who are facing this enemy head on.

Continuing to ponder other things I might be able to do, I kept falling short. That was until Easter Sunday when my sidewalk chalk creations caught the attention of a passerby.

She commented how nice they were, and encouraged me to keep doing them because they were cheerful and we can all use some cheering up during these challenging times.

Turns out she’s a nurse at a local hospital, and she noted some days it’s all she can do to not come home and crumble in a pool of her tears. She noted seeing bright and colorful art as she passed by helped her forget how bad the day before was.

This took me completely by surprise. I was just doing it to playful, and post an Easter greeting for the neighborhood.

It did however make me realize that sometimes, just being me is enough. AND, that is my purpose.

PLUS, answers can come when you least expect them, when you’re just being you, so pay attention.

In addition, as a friend noted, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

I do plan on creating sidewalk chalk art more regularly when the weather permits. This week unfortunately has been cool and rainy, but I’m hoping to squeeze one in between raindrops.

How about you?

How are you handling your time at home?

© Mariann E. Danko and Waking the Woman, 2020. All rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “MID-WEEK MEANDERING – Finding Purpose When Classified Non-Essential

  1. Pam Danko-Stout

    That’s great that you got a response to your letter! The sidewalk sketches are a good idea too. I have been finding ways to add cheer to the environment too. That silly hat was one way, even sharing some favorite photos helps friends on Facebook. Just being kind to those you encounter is another way. Keep up the good work! By the way, I hate that term,’Non Essential’ . I think it sounds belittling as if what you do is of no importance, but that really is not true.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your post is so heart-warming, Mariann. Your chalk art is beautiful and your note to the medical staff is lovely too! You’re right, it is the little things, and among them just being ourselves in all of this is important. I’m saddened that in our area of the world, many of the medical professionals have been furloughed because there aren’t any cases in the hospitals. That’s a good thing there aren’t cases to overwhelm the system, but for them to not be working seems wrong too. I hope you and your son stay well and safe! Thank you for stopping by my blog to share your thoughts – it’s nice to meet you here in the Blogosphere!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Creating the sidewalk art is turning out to be very therapeutic too. Yes it does seem wrong that there are medical workers being furloughed. Too bad they can’t volunteer in areas where there is a need. There are certainly more of them than not. You are fortunate to be in one of those areas. It’s very nice to meet you too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks I appreciate that. It’s really not much, but every little bit counts. I’ve been continuing my chalk art at least once a week. Did starry night and a creation for earth day. Maybe once I have a few more I’ll do a post just of them. It’s very therapeutic.

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