Creative –
Having the quality of something created rather than imitated: imaginative

Creativity can come in many forms, it doesn’t always have to be in the traditionally known forms of painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, composing, singing, dancing, or acting.

It’s also part of cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, gardening, landscaping, architecture, photography, fashion design, jewelry design, graphic design, game design, interior design, furniture design, anything related to crafting, etc…

The list is endless when you actually think about it.

I’m sure you’re coming up with things to add to my list now. What I think is interesting though, is how many people think they aren’t creative, when in reality we all are, in our own ways.

Yes, there are some who excel in the classic creative pursuits and float to the top, but if you have a knack for coordinating family gatherings, organizing closets, decorating for parties, decorating your home, aiding in your kids school projects, throwing together an outfit, or even just keeping your home running smoothly, YOU ARE CREATIVE.

(Again, I’m sure you’re thinking of more things to add to my list.)

It takes great imagination to do any of these things, and even more because so much of it is done on the fly. Don’t sell yourself short.

AND, don’t forget to feed your creative soul.

It is a necessity for survival, even more so now. During these present conditions, escaping into a world that brings us joy and allows us time to disappear, even if just for a short time is the best coping skill available.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and forget to feed this side of us. Trust me I’ve been there. Writing is my prominent escape, and having this blog is what has kept me fed for years, although there have been times where a couple days can go by and I haven’t written a word.

Sometimes it’s intentional because I have to walk away. I need to let my thoughts percolate. If I’m gone too long though, I start to feel myself closing in, and the only way to fix this is to play, so to speak.

Beyond writing, which was a late in life creative outlet discovery, I’ve always enjoyed craft related projects, photography, and party planning and decorating.

Although I went to art school, painting and drawing where never my thing, I fell into the world of graphic design. A pursuit I thoroughly enjoyed for 15 years until the hurry up world of advertising burnt me out.

Now, I dabble for family and friends, but, as a customer service rep for a printer, I’m the go between with the client and the designer, so I keep my basic skills in tune, but I don’t have to do the actual work. Which works perfectly for me now that I’ve found writing.

I have discovered though with this extra time at home, a desire to do something more has been nipping at the fringes of my soul. I have an endless list of unfinished projects, so I figured I’d start tackling them.

The first being my Son’s senior year scrapbook. Considering he’s a sophomore in college this one was long overdue. Two weeks into quarantine though this was done.

AND although I felt very fulfilled, there was inner desire for more, something other than an unfinished project. Little did I know that I would discover that outlet in creating chalk art on my driveway.

What started out as a simple Easter greeting for my neighborhood, has turned into a creative pursuit to help cheer up neighbors. Triggered by a nurse who passed by on Easter Sunday. (Note, I live near a walking trail, and many people cut through the neighborhood to access the trail.)

Photo with color enhancement

We chatted for a brief moment, socially distanced of course, and she talked about the toll the virus was having on the medical staff. As she walked away, she noted I should keep up the chalk art because it’s cheerful and we all need cheering up right now.

SO, from that day forward, weather permitting, I create one new piece of chalk art a week. This is feeding my creative soul and based on comments from neighbors, bringing them joy.

Color enhanced

AND, this is all the encouragement I need to keep it up.

In many ways this has turned into therapy for me too. Who knows, maybe you too can discover a creative outlet that can ease your anxiety, and in so doing help others too.

Color enhanced
Color enhanced
Color enhanced

Feed your creative soul. Explore. Experiment. Creativity has no boundaries. Let yourself soar.

AND, in so doing, come out of this quarantine healthier and happier than when it started.

© Mariann E. Danko and Waking the Woman, 2020. All rights reserved.

Goddess Masthead © Pamela Danko-Stout and Waking the Woman, 2020.

All rights reserved.

Photos from my personal collection







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